• handling-rejectionlike-a-human

    Handling Rejection like a Human

  • elizabeth gallien

    Fab Feminist Of The Month: Elizabeth Gallien

  • its-hard-out-there-for-a-bitch

    It’s Hard Out There For A Bitch: In Which I Complain Too Much About My Life As An Art Worker

  • PRIYAS-MIRROR_cropped

    Looking into Priya’s Mirror with Ram Devineni: A Comic Book Honoring Acid Attack Survivors

  • 1

    Jane’s Due Process: Teens Deserve Access To Abortion

  • its-hard-out-there-for-a-bitch

    It’s Hard Out There For A Bitch: In Which I Complain Too Much About My Life As An Art Worker

  • Ask Artists-

    Ask Artists: Connecting and Collaborating

  • FabArts

    FabArts: Geoffrey Farmer

  • True to self

    True to Self: Gender Treason

  • Touch Me Not- The Moriviví Women’s Art Collective

    The artist/mother, mother/artist, revisiting the work of Sally Mann

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Listened On Repeat: Tessellate by ∆ (Alt-J)

Do I have an affinity towards smart British boy bands?  If you have been reading my columns you might have come to this conclusion before I did.  I’m learning a lot about myself it seems through this column.   I wanted to talk about this song primarily because of the lyrics.  Alt-J loves them some math metaphors.  The title, Tessellate, itself is a math based metaphor for sex.  “Tessellation is the process of creating a two-dimensional plane using the repetition […]

Nothing Compares 2 U

Listened On Repeat: Ch-ching by Chairlift

Did you want an anthem to keep you feeling like a badass for the rest of the week? I present to you Ch-ching by Chairlift.  You’re welcome. Besides being a mood boosting, eclectic, indie, power soundtrack to your week, I actually think this song does something impossible: stays cohesive while having a little something for everyone.  Hear me out.  There’s electronic elements, acoustic elements (the horns tho at 3:00), a great beat, a slower more reflective section, and a versatile […]

Nothing Compares 2 U

Listened On Repeat: IFUCKINGLOVEYOU by Big Black Delta

I fucking love this song.  It has epic choirs, rock and electronic elements that all somehow perfectly compliment each other.  Big Black Delta is not a one trick pony and their sound varies tremendously from song to song.  They pull from a variety of genres and sounds, but what is consistent is the intensity in which they approach every single song.