Self-Care: Dealing with Stress

Everyone encounters stressful events. Stress can be a good motivator, but being under constant and prolonged exposure to stress can  lead to health issues. Dealing with stress such that it impacts us positively rather than negatively is a very beneficial self-care strategy. Practicing stress management promotes better well-being and helps alleviate the negative effects of constant stress. People deal with stress differently, so it’s important to be aware of what is working for us and if it is improving the […]

Handling Rejection like a Human

There isn’t anybody involved in the dating game who hasn’t felt the sting of a rejection from a prospective partner. But why are some people able to handle it so gracefully while others aren’t? Why do some people stoically trudge along in the face of a ‘no’ while others literally resort to murder? The web of factors is dense, complex, and I’m not going to claim I have it sussed out completely, but I do have some theories which may […]

Self-Care: Going Beyond One’s Self

  As a black, feminist lesbian who has battled cancer, Audre Lorde has plenty of experience with discrimination. In our society, healthcare is considered a commodity and not a right. Self love aids us in resisting the underlying system which dictates who should and should not exist. In Lorde’s A Burst of Light, a series of journal excerpts where she describes her fight against cancer and the oppressing society, she defines self care as an act of political warfare, a […]

5 Acts of Self Love You Should Start Doing Today  

Self love is loving and caring about oneself. Loving yourself does not mean that you are vain, self-absorbed or conceited. It means that you are taking responsibility of yourself. It’s about being in touch with who you are as a person and making sure that you take care of your well-being and happiness. Self care may be utilized hand-in-hand with professional medical care in response to diseases, like taking prescribed medication or checking blood sugar. You probably practice these kinds […]

Bad Day, Go Away: Strategies For Dealing With a Really.Bad.Day.

There will be days when you feel like all the odds are against you. There will be days when you want all the bad things to go away. There will be days when you hope for all of what’s happening to be over soon. There will be days when you wish for things to get better immediately as you are close to giving up. There will be bad days. Bad days come in so many forms. These days will make […]