Join Us

When you join Fabulously Feminist Magazine, you are joining a community. We support one another. We collaborate with one another. We share links to one anothers’ content, projects. We check in. We send birthday cards.

All members of the Staff must be driven, self-starting and independent. Excellent interpersonal, communication and creative thinking skills are highly valued.

A Fabulously Feminist Team Member Is:

Passionate about social justice, activism and equity.

Engaged on a personal quest towards becoming a more inclusive, more intersectional person.

Believes in community & in supporting others.

Accountable, and doesn’t just meet, but beats deadlines.

Driven to blow expectations out of the water.

We strive to create a safe and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and orientations. People of color and lgbtq individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

**Applicants must be 18 or older**


Job Purpose Summary: To work collaboratively with an editor and other contributors to publish dynamic content from an Intersectional Feminist lens with Fab. Feminist every 4-6 weeks. To thoroughly research subjects, ensure work is well written, accurate and submitted to deadline, and keep up to date with current events and trending topics in relation to chosen subject matter.

Scope: Contributors will work with their relative Editorial Team to cover given topics in a time period, as well as topics of their own choosing. Their words, images, thoughts will be the face of Fabulously Feminist.

Fabulously Feminist Content Is:

  • Comprised of text, illustrations, graphics, videos
  • Relevant to an intersectional feminist dialogue
  • Built on high quality not quantity or duration etc
  • Original, and not previously published online or in print

A Note on Artwork: Content about art should include documentation of the work as well as a statement and commentary about the work.

Content Areas We Are Looking To Cover:

  • Artist features and interviews (visual artists, writers, poets, spoken word etc)
  • Art show/ exhibition reviews
  • Art history as it relates to contemporary ideas
  • Book, film, and TV show reviews
  • Spotlights on organizations, projects, publications that engage in social/eco justice
  • Sex and Body Positive articles
  • Tutorials and DIY explorations
  • Intersectional Feminism 101 articles
  • Feminist Herstory
  • Anti violence/Anti rape culture
  • Anti sexism
  • People Of Color-Centric
  • Queer-Centric


Job Purpose Summary: To provide strategic direction for the Fabulously Feminist publishing program, specializing in content related to either: Art & Culture, Social Justice or Eco Justice. To develop and manage relationships with contributors, series concepts, leverage repackaging opportunities of existing content and assist in the proposal submission and consideration process.

Scope: Acquisitions Editors will manage a number of Contributors generating content as well as actively conduct outreach to Feminist Activists and Organizations for new leads and potential features. They will be responsible for the effective representation and exploration of their relative subject on the Magazine.

Arts and Culture:

The arts and culture section of Fab. Feminist is focused on publicising work by female artists and artisans as well as people approaching issues of social and eco justice through contemporary art and craft. These pieces include but are not limited to criticism, interviews, activism, history, and coverage of institutions, events, and programs dealing with contemporary art and craft. The arts and craft team will work with a group of contributors as well as the entire Fab Feminist staff to cover and publish relevant and exciting content.

  • Acquisitions Editor of Contemporary Art
  • Acquisitions Editor of Craft (Opening!)

Social Justice:

Social justice is an umbrella term for work that seeks to address equity and inequity in society. This broad framework includes any project, organization, individual, work of art, novel etc that addresses the idea of social justice. The Social Justice Editorial Team will work together to devise content plans, reach out to programs and collaborate with external sources and resources. They will work with a team of contributors, as well as the entire Fab Feminist Staff to put together a schedule of rich, socially-engaged content.

  • Acquisitions Editor of Social Justice Community Organizing (Opening!)
  • Acquisitions Editor of Social Justice Education (Opening!)
  • Acquisitions Editor of Social Justice Activism (Opening!)

Eco Justice:

Eco justice links social justice with global ecological concerns to identify an interconnected network of societal and environmental impact. Eco justice at Fabulously Feminist will use a socially-engaged lense to identify and discuss this network. The Eco Justice Editorial Team will collaborate to cover eco justice content, connect with eco justice programs/activists, and work with outside resources. They will work with a team of contributors, as well as the entire Fab Feminist Staff to put together a schedule of rich, ecologically-engaged content.

  • Acquisitions Editor of Eco Justice Community Organizing (Opening!)
  • Acquisitions Editor of Eco Justice Education (Opening!)
  • Acquisitions Editor of Eco Justice Activism (Opening!)

Application Process:

1. Send a letter of inquiry to telling us: 1) Why you want to join the team 2)What position you’re interested in. 3) What projects, ideas and collaborations you might envision working on as a team member. Attach a resume or cv (and/or samples of your work) and any links to relevant projects or web presence.

2. Letters of inquiry will be evaluated for fit with our current publication and community goals. If it appears you may make a good fit, we will ask both editorial and contributor applicants to submit a complete contribution, which you would consider ready for publication. (It may take up to two weeks to receive an initial response. We apologize for any frustration!)

3. If your first submission meets our needs for publication, we will schedule another submission. We are looking to see how well applicants:

  • Follow directions
  • Meet deadlines
  • Make an effort to connect with the staff
  • Collaborate with the editorial team
  • Construct original and creative content

4. Applicants who demonstrate the above qualities, as well as the ability to deconstruct complex intersectional feminist theories in ways that are interesting and easy to understand will be accepted as a member of the team!