Call For Submissions

Fabulously Feminist is a digital magazine that uses intersectional feminism as a tool to give people a voice. Fab. Feminist is made up of a small community of dedicated contributors and passionate passers by. We are all about sharing stories and experiences, talking about art and culture and exchanging ideas. We publish essays, interviews, short fiction, poetry and art criticism. We are looking for provocative pieces on political, ecological and cultural issues.

The theme for this call is: Language Matters 

How does the language people use within activist and academic circles impact the meaning of the message, and is this a good or a bad thing? Are swear words appropriate for activism, and is the criticism of swearing classist? Can a word be reclaimed? Can it be reclaimed for everyone, or just some people – and what are the privileged implications, if any?

These are some of the questions around language that a few members of the Fab Feminist community pondered over in our first Fab Feminist Town Hall


  • First: take a moment to explore to see if your work would make a good fit.
  • Second: read the full guidelines carefully, not because we’re maniacal, but because we want to give every single submission that best fits Fabulously Feminist the time and attention it deserves.
  • Third: please understand that all our publications are collaborations with an editorial staff-member. Suggestions, clarifications and revisions may be part of this process.

How To Send Us Your Work:

We only accept submissions through email. Send your work as an attachment to with the subject line: FABFEMINIST_SUBMISSION.

Submission Guidelines:

  • This call will end on April 30th, 2017Selected submissions will be published on a rolling basis.
  • You may submit up to 3 separate, publication-ready pieces.
  • Text-based submissions should be between ~800 and 1000 words. (Shorter and longer submissions will still be considered, but may be reformatted for publication, or published alongside other works).
  • If you are submitting artwork, poetry, flash fiction/micro fiction, include a ~500 word written piece contextualizing your work within the subject of the Call For Submissions (Language Matters)
  • Images should be high-resolution, web-ready and MUST be submitted as individual files, and must also be embedded within your actual submission to demonstrate how you envision the layout of your piece.
  • Please provide any relevant links within your content, and cite source materials.
  • Submissions not selected for may still be published on our blog.
  • By submitting to Fabulously Feminist, you agree that your content does not contain third party copyrighted material, or material that is subject to other third party proprietary rights, unless you have permission from the rightful owner of the material, and accept full responsibility for any legal fees or otherwise incurred due to copyright violation.


  • Please email your submission as a complete attachment with any and all images embedded in a text document (preferably google docs). Images must also be attached as separate files in the same email.
  • Each submission email must also include the following:
    • Your name, email address and any relevant links to personal websites and social media.
    • 2-3 sentences describing how you feel your work fits with the themes listed in the call.
    • A brief biographical note introducing yourself (this will be included in the closing of all published submissions on our website. Examples can be found at the bottom of any given article on

Selected submissions will receive a publication date within 4 months of acceptance, and are unpaid.

You will generally hear back from our editorial team within 20 days of submitting.